Activate Podcast

Activate Podcast


Activate Podcast s02e01 | Are You An Entrepreneur?

Paolo Valdemarin and Matt Mower discuss about the selection process at Activate Capital. How do we pick entrepreneurs, what questions should you ask yourself before starting a new project or a new company.


Activate Podcast s02e02 | You & Your Why: exploring business purpose, vision, and passion

Key questions for founders: why you? Why this? How story telling and quantitive hypothesis are the foundation of your strategy.


Activate Podcast s02e03 | Explore Customer Needs: analytical customer segmentation

Who are you going to sell to? Do they really have this problem? Why pains sells more than gains.


Activate Podcast s02e04 | Impact Mapping: connecting value proposition to product design

Moving from your business strategy to product design using impact mapping.


Activate Podcast s02e05 | Customer Journey: focusing on clients goals

With Adrian Austin we discuss the best practices and the mistakes to avoid when mapping out a digital product's customer journey.


Activate Podcast s02e06 | Sketching and storyboarding: visual brainstorming.

In this episode we discuss about the best approach to sketching the basic user interface elements of the product and how to decide which solution should be tested with actual users.


Activate Podcast s02e07 | Mastering Business Conversation: how to pitch yourself & your company

Talking about your business is a key ability and it helps understanding your thinking process. How to structure your communication, the importance of improvisation and, as always, remember to practice, practice, practice.


Activate Podcast s02e08 | Storytelling: developing a key business skill

What are the best techniques to build and tell your business story. What to do, what to avoid and what absolutely not to do (such as telling jokes).